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Breast Cancer
Online Group Program

Join our interactive 6-week online group program.

The next program starts in March 2024!

Breast cancer survivors on the beach

Regain control and optimize your health after Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivors taking a selfie

Why join?

Are you overwhelmed by food, exercise, supplements, or lifestyle choices after the diagnosis?

Do you experience side effects?

Do you have fear of recurrence?

Do you feel like you can’t trust your body anymore?

Who should join?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer - from the day of diagnosis, through any stage of treatment to completion of treatment and beyond

Anyone who has been told they are at high risk for Breast Cancer

Anyone close or related to someone with Breast Cancer who wants to learn more about how to help

Mother and Daughter with genetic breast cancer

What's included?

  • Weekly live 1-hour Zoom sessions with Dr Lisa Jervis and guest practitioner and the participants of the program

  • Group online chat with the participants of the program so that you have a community of women going through the similar experiences

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • PDF resources that will give you information about each of the weekly topics

  • Take-home exercises for you to try and practice at your own pace

The benefits

Our program takes an Integrative approach to Breast Cancer recovery. You'll learn about the main lifestyle and symptom management approaches required to optimize health and reduce risk of recurrence after breast cancer.

  • Learn about different topics to help optimize health, enhance immune capabilities, and assist with symptom management

  • Allow yourself to feel better and enjoy your life

  • Improve your health & well-being

  • Learn about resources available to help

  • Be part of a unique supportive community of women sharing similar experiences and develop connections

  • Reduce risks of cancer recurrence and other chronic disease processes

Learn and free your mind!


Integrative Medicine and symptoms management


Nutrition, healthy eating and weight management


Movement and exercise


Supplements, Vitamins, Herbs and Essential Oils


Mind/Body and Stress Management


Sexual and Hormonal Health

Dr Lisa Jervis, MD

The Program Medical Director

Dr. Lisa Jervis, MD, is board certified in both Obstetrics/Gynecology and Integrative Medicine with +25 years of clinical experience.

Her current focus is working with cancer survivors at all stages, patients at high risk for cancer, and patients seeking an integrative approach to issues in women’s health.

Dr Lisa Jervis, MD OBGYN and Integrative Physician

Your Reviews

The After Cancer Program has helped me navigate my post cancer care in ways I didn't think existed. It shows me how to lower my risk of recurrence along with being able to get support and camaraderie from people who have walked this journey before.

Sarah, breast cancer survivor

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