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A cancer survivor member of The After Cancer

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Join our supportive community of cancer survivors where you'll learn, experience, and belong.

We know that cancer survivorship can be challenging. When you join The After Cancer Membership, you get the information, tools, and support you need to thrive during and after cancer treatment.

What's included?

Supportive community

Join a group of people going through the same as you. Connect and share via the group chat and meet your group on a monthly virtual support session facilitated by your Survivorship Guide.

A cancer survivor member of The After Cancer

Schedule of virtual sessions

Join virtual sessions with other survivors to explore ways to support your healing process, such as group exercise classes and Q&A sessions with experts on our Care Team.

A cancer survivor member of The After Cancer

Educational journeys

Access our multimedia course library of evidence-based information on top cancer survivorship concerns and lifestyle approaches to reduce risk of recurrence.

A cancer survivor member of The After Cancer

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After your trial, you'll automatically enroll in the monthly plan. You can adjust your plan at any time.

Membership available everywhere

Supportive community of cancer survivors

Virtual group sessions everyday

Educational journeys to guide you

$10 discount on every video consultation booked

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