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Cheryl Hoover is a nutrition coach at The After Cancer

Cheryl Hoover

Nutrition Coach


All states


From $100.00



Plant-based Nutrition

My mission

My mission is to help you find the pharmacy in your kitchen. I am that rare pharmacist that wants to keep you away from the supplement aisles and instead wants you to actually eat your vitamins, (and minerals and fiber and probiotics too). I want to encourage you to embrace the opportunity you have to nourish your body for your best health and healing.

My experience


I started out cooking for other cancer patients shortly after recovering from my own cancer treatment in 2015. A few years later I realized I actually needed to be teaching these cancer patients how to nourish themselves better in their own kitchens. As a result, I became Pharmacy In Your Kitchen where I teach patients that food is medicine and healing happens in the kitchen.


Services & Fees

Initial Session, 60 min - $125.00

Follow-up Session, 50 min - $100.00

Blog posts

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