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Our mission is to empower cancer survivors in their journey from illness to wellness.

In the US, there are 18.1 million cancer survivors who face physical, emotional, and psychosocial issues due to their cancer diagnosis and treatments. However, less than 2% of them access cancer survivorship programs.

Cancer treatment can lead to long-term side effects, a higher risk of recurrence, and an increased risk of death upon a second cancer. We are committed to supporting cancer survivors and empowering them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The After Cancer is a telehealth provider that democratizes access to cancer survivorship care. Using technology, we empower Integrative Oncology Practitioners to provide high-quality care for cancer survivors. Our platform connects cancer survivors with a multidisciplinary team of practitioners online, enabling them to access our services from the comfort of their homes.

Cancer survivors with their family

Our values


We design our programs with patients for patients. We put the patient at the center of every decision we take, every service we offer, and every product we design.


After-cancer care can be confusing and it’s hard to know if what you’re feeling is normal or not. You can trust us to help you through this journey because we’ve been through it before.


We are committed to making our services accessible to all cancer survivors, regardless of their background, location, or financial situation. We cut the middle-man so the rates of the practitioners' services on our platform are lower than those you'll find locally. We are working to create a network of partners including employers, clinics and non-profits.



Cancer treatment is not the end. After finishing your treatments, you cannot simply return to your old life. Instead, you must create a new life. We encourage you to unlock your quality of life and live to the fullest.

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