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Supporting your cancer patients,
better and together

Cancer patients need evidence-based care to thrive during and after treatment. We are your partner to support your patients with safe, integrative care.

A cancer survivor with their oncologist

We partner with

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Why collaborate?

8 in 10 cancer survivors try complementary therapies but less than half disclose it to their doctors. They risk...

  • causing possible interactions with conventional treatments.

  • wasting money on ineffective products and practices.

  • dropping off conventional treatment in favor of unsafe treatment alternatives.


With The After Cancer, patients get access to evidence-based approaches that complement conventional medicine and help them to:

  • Minimize symptoms with safe methods.

  • Reduce their risk of recurrence with evidence-based lifestyle approaches.

  • Have access to psychosocial support.

Fill out our contact form to book a meeting and learn more about what we do, how we can partner, and access further informational events.


"Having The After Cancer as a resource to support our patients fills a void in care for anyone who has faced a cancer battle. The convenience of online meetings and access to top notch providers offers patients the guidance and support they are looking for post treatment.

Carrie Williams, Director of Operations at Nothing Pink

Carrie Williams,

Director of Operations at Nothing Pink

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