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Cheryl Lecroy is a wellness coach at The After Cancer


Cheryl Lecroy

Wellness Coach


All states


From $90.00



Plant-based Nutrition

Lung and Breast Cancer

My mission

My mission is to create a recipe for a vibrant colorful life by blending together the Pillars of Health; nutrition, sleep, community connection, exercise, and stress management. Harmonizing these essential Pillars will inspire well-being, resiliency, and vitality. My focus centers on addressing the many things we can control through survivorship in the quest for a fulfilling existence.

My experience


With 12 years of personal explorations as a breast cancer survivor and 10 years as a survivor mentor and coach at Wind River Cancer Wellness Services in North Carolina, I understand that cancer takes attention and requires focus that can dampen joy. My experience with blending complementary therapies such as Mindfulness, Therapeutic Journaling, JoySpotting, Experiential Play and so much more, can offer tools to reignite inner joy, purpose, and help reconnect survivors to their true essence; the after cancer paradigm.


+10 years Health and Healing Partner with Wind River Cancer Wellness Services: with over 8000 hours of one-on-one coaching

Certified Producer, Slow Food International Earth Market

Member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Services & Fees

Free Intro Session, 20 min - $0.00

Initial General Wellness Session, 60 min - $125.00

Initial Nutrition Specific Session, 60 min - $125.00
Session, 45 min - $90.00

Blog posts

Your Reviews

I was happy with Cheryl. It was really meaningful.

Shannon, NC

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