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Dr Chasse Bailey-Dorton

Dr. Chasse

MD, Integrative Medicine Physician


North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


From $80.00


Family medicine

Integrative medicine

Lifestyle medicine

Cancer survivorship care

My mission

My mission is to provide reliable information for someone with a cancer diagnosis, being treated for cancer, recovering from treatment, seeking cancer recurrence risk reduction strategies, or at high risk for cancer. Also to provide reliable information about a variety of topics from nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, healthy aging/longevity, and integrative medicine. As I learn more, you learn more!

My experience


My experience includes being a 21-year breast cancer survivor (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, endocrine therapy).  I was the Founding Chief of Integrative Oncology at a large cancer center, growing the program from 3 part-time staff to @30 staff, 2 physicians, and 1 physician assistant seeing patients at 5 different sites.


Board-eligible Lifestyle Medicine

Fellowship-trained Integrative Medicine

American College Lifestyle Medicine

North American Menopause Society

Services & Fees

Initial Consultation, 45 min - $200.00
Follow-up Consultation, 20 min - $80.00

Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton cannot see patients Medicare or Medicaid patients on our platform.


When I say that Dr. Bailey-Dorton changed the trajectory of my life after my cancer diagnosis I am not exaggerating in the least. I came to her a broken woman. I was beating myself up for not taking better care of my body so that it could have fought off the cancer cells from ever becoming recognizable. I was scared to death of metastasis but did not want to live in fear for the rest of my life.   From our very first visit together Dr. Bailey-Dorton began to empower me. She told me that I had already been doing so many things well and with a few changes I could make my body stronger and better able to fight off not just cancer but all the diseases of affluence that we suffer from. She lit the spark that ignited the fire in me that I still have 7 years later. She changed my life, my attitude, my path. I am and will be forever thankful.


CH, breast cancer survivor

Dr. Chasse Bailey Dorton has been a part of my cancer journey for over seven years. In those years she has been my doctor, my encourager (change the survival statistics!), My motivator, and my friend.  She is the most positive, faith-filled person that I know, and she has helped me be strong, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. From personal appointments to encouraging texts to prayer, she has been my champion and my warrior. It’s a bit odd to say about your doctor, but I love that lady!

LH, pancreatic cancer survivor

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