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Diane Benfield, psychotherapist specializing in cancer survivors at The After Cancer


Dr. Diane Benfield

LCSW, Psychotherapist


North Carolina, Florida, Washington State


From $145.00



Grief and Loss

Depression and Anxiety

My mission

My mission is to help you SHARE and EXPLORE suffering in a safe and warm therapeutic relationship. DISCOVER and UNCOVER unexpected emotional strength, practical support, and ways of coping. DEVELOP personal and relational growth, deepen spiritual experiences, and reach for life-giving connection to others. CULTIVATE gratitude for each new day, hope for tomorrow, peace of mind, acceptance of what cannot be changed, and new meaning and purpose in life after cancer.

My experience


My first 8 years as a psychotherapist were in substance abuse addiction treatment. Since 2018, I have worked at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, Headspace Health, and Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute. Working with oncology patients is the most rewarding and fulfilling work I have ever engaged in. I am so grateful I found my favorite clients.


Services & Fees

Free Intro Consultation, 15 min - $0.00

Initial Consultation, 60 min - $145.00

Consultation, 60 min - $145.00

Dr. Diane Benfield cannot see Medicare and Medicaid patients through The After Cancer.

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