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Dr. Maria Cayelly is a medical doctor at The After Cancer

Dr. Maria Cayelli

MD, Integrative Medicine Physician


South Carolina


From $80.00


Family medicine

Integrative medicine

Functional medicine
Cancer survivorship care

My mission

My goal is to partner with you on your journey to achieve optimal health and wellness. I can assist you in exploring the best of modern medicine as well as evidence-based complementary therapies to empower you with individualized medicine. I provide comprehensive integrative care for the whole family that address underlying imbalances in the body.

My experience


I was drawn to pursue further studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine because of my concern that the current medical system was too disease focused. I wanted to broaden my medical expertise to look at the whole person and help my patients achieve wellness. I take into consideration lifestyle, fitness goals, and current state of health to devise a plan that blends together traditional and non traditional medicine to care for patients in a way that is individualized and that addresses the uniqueness of each person.


Services & Fees

Initial Consultation, 60 min - $200.00

Follow-up Consultation, 45 min - $120.00

Follow-up Consultation, 30 min - $80.00

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