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Lisa Caughman Payne, a life coach at The After Cancer

Lisa Caughman Payne

Positive Psychology Practitioner


All states


From $125.00


Life Coaching

Positive Psychology

Self Esteem

My mission

My mission as a positive psychology practitioner is to promote well-being, resilience, and flourishing in individuals and communities. Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the study and cultivation of human strengths and positive emotions, rather than just addressing psychological disorders and weaknesses. Positive psychology practitioners aim to enhance individuals' quality of life and mental health by fostering positive traits and experiences. In addition, as a Stage IV Colon cancer survivor, helping you thrive and flourish is my heartfelt purpose.

My experience


I have had the pleasure of serving clients, meeting them where they are, and assisting them in helping them arrive where they want to be. As a life navigator, with 30 years of leadership experience, I am well-equipped to help you on your pathway to recovery. I will serve as your confidential thought partner, helping you identify your strengths, develop goals, and hold you accountable to live your best life.


Services & Fees

Initial Session, 90 min - $175.00
Follow-up Session, 60 min - $125.00

Pack of 4 Sessions, 4 x 60 min - $400.00


I was floating around and moving in a new direction, Lisa helped bring focus and attention back into my life.  She also let me know it is okay to change courses and the decision I make today does not have the be the decision I make forever.


MS, cancer survivor

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