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Kathy Therber, a yoga instructor at The After Cancer


Kathy Therber

Yoga Therapist


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Movement for Lymphedema

My mission

I am a trusted and respected professional with a robust and successful career as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist for over 20 years. I have had the chance to teach yoga to people with cancer, cancer survivors and caregivers, and veterans. I have taught in medical studies, wellness organizations, and fitness centers. To this day, yoga remains an essential part of my life as I work to stay active, healthy, and pain-free. The stress relief and restorative nature of yoga continues to help me every single day since my Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.

My experience


I bring 30 years of personal practice for over 20 years of yoga teaching. I have faced a cancer diagnosis with subsequent surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Through this, I found recovery from physical and emotional trauma. I have also faced and recovered from chronic low back pain. In fact, I started practicing yoga in 1992 when a car accident left me with continued back pain. Yoga provided relief. I am known for exceptional approachability and adapting classes to meet the abilities of participants. I listen to who you are and create a therapeutic relationship with you. I am here for you to embrace you where you are. I understand that you are someone who seeks support and guidance to find relief from mental and physical pain.


Registered Yoga Therapist since 2013 through International Association of Yoga Therapists

Registered Yoga Teacher since 2008 through Yoga Alliance 500-hour level

Services & Fees

Yoga Movement for Lymphedema

Free Intro Session, 15 min - $0.00

Initial Session, 90 min - $125.00
Follow-up Session, 60 min - $85.00

Pack of 4 Sessions, 4 x 60 min - $300.00

Meditation / Mindfulness Stress Relief Techniques

Free Intro Session, 15 min - $0.00

Initial Session, 60 min - $60.00
Follow-up Session, 30 min - $45.00

Pack of 4 Sessions, 4 x 30 min - $150.00


I started yoga with Kathy almost eight years ago. I was eager to regain a healthy body and once again believe in my body's strength and abilities. It was now 3 years post cancer treatment and 1 1/2 years post double knee replacements. I wanted to reclaim my life of energy and activity. Kathy's approach to yoga was gentle and encouraging just the right amount of push so I could experience the joy of progress on my road to the real me. When I experienced difficulties in certain yoga moves Kathy was always there with an appropriate modification, through her teaching approach I learned to distinguish between positive muscle ache and genuine pain which gave me the ability to try more challenging moves and succeed. I will always be grateful for Kathy's approach to yoga. It truly helped me recapture an active life with my family and grandchildren.

F, cancer survivor

I have moderate to significant joint pain and osteoporosis because of medication, which are helped remarkably with each class I have with Kathy. She guides us to move slowly and deliberately, which allows me time to get into the correct position without pain and to then actively feel my muscles and joints as I move so that I can make adjustments in a slow manner, avoiding injury and improving my strength. By the end of each session I feel stronger, taller, refreshed, and joyful. I am incredibly grateful for Kathy. Her classes have made me a healthier, happier person.

MK, cancer survivor

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