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Movement for Cancer Prevention - by Kathy Therber

Kathy Therber, yoga and mindfulness instructor at The After Cancer, talks about the healing power of movement for cancer prevention.

Kathy Therber is a Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor at The After Cancer

Movement is key

How do you thank your body? Move it!

How does your body thank you? It moves!

How do you thank your mind? Move your body!

How do you free your mind? Move your body!

What kind of movement is the best? Your favorite movement!

How do you find your favorite movement? Try some different methods! They are all around you!

You see, it is an amazing thing that simply by moving your body, you allow all of the systems of the body to do their jobs better. The blood flows, the synovial fluid flows, the lymph flows, digestion is aided, muscles get stronger, connective tissue gets stimulated and the list goes on and on and on.

Can you consider movement as a way to partner with your body to feel good and lift your spirits? Can you think of moving as a way to open your world and mind? Or maybe it is a way to stay sharp at work. Or how about the fact that your stress levels go down?

Take walking for example: you get out and about. You hear and see things that are soothing and uplifting. Your breath and heart delight in the rhythm and timing of moving. In nature you benefit from the peace and beauty that surrounds you. In a city you get to merge yourself into the flow and pace of people around you. You can listen to a podcast and learn something. You can walk with a friend. You can go to the gym and be a part of the action.

How to get started

How do you get started? Ummm…Well… You start. Don’t complicate it. It is part of your nature to move.

How can you keep it simple?

How can you keep it enjoyable?

How can you keep it regular?

What is the best part of moving for you? Is it seeing people? Being alone? The clothes? Is it the burn? The fresh air? Watching a show? Checking it off your list? Sleeping better? Taking a well-deserved shower?

Don't buy into that old story

Don’t buy into that old story that you need to exercise to improve yourself. The truth is you exercise to feel more like yourself: confident and at ease. Besides, it feels good to come home to the body and delight in all the ways it moves! The body is amazing. You are amazing. You and your body make a great team.

Treat your body with love and kindness through movement. I really, really hope you don’t miss your chance to move today. Moving allows you to be the amazing person you really are.


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