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May is Brain Cancer and Brain Tumor Awareness Month - by Christopher Schuler

In a video shared with The After Cancer, patient advocate and former primary caregiver, Chris Schuler adds his voice to the many advocating for greater urgency and awareness about Brain Cancer and Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

He recognizes all those whose lives have been touched by the disease – current patients, survivors, and caregivers - and acknowledges the tireless efforts of those who are working to help fight it – doctors, researchers, donors, and investors.

He concludes that Brain Cancer and Brain Tumor Awareness Month is an opportunity for us all to come together in order to affect real change.

“No matter how you recognize this month – through advocacy, survival, or quiet reflection – you are not forgotten, you are not alone. We need everyone pulling in the same direction and with the same persistence and unwavering focus if we expect to see change.”

Chris is a staunch brain cancer awareness advocate. He was the primary caregiver to his late Dad, Donald Schuler, who was diagnosed with GBM in July 2021. He works closely with organizations across the globe, amplifying their critical work and building key relationships to further improve outcomes for patients. He's currently working with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, an Australian non-profit dedicated to improving outcomes in brain cancer. He's a Venture Partner with Varia Ventures, working to raise awareness for emerging venture funds dedicated to uncovering and funding innovative discoveries to improve brain health. He also works closely with SageMedic, a precision oncology start-up supporting patients looking for the most effective treatment for cancer. 


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