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Cancer coaching explained by an insider - by Kathryn White

A colorectal cancer survivor explaining the benefits of cancer coaching.

Kathryn White is a Stage 4 Colon Cancer survivor. After completing treatment and getting her health back she dug deep into nutrition and mindfulness to help heal her body, mind, and spirit. She became a certified culinary nutritionist, yoga teacher, and holistic cancer coach. She works with cancer patients, mainly dealing with colorectal cancer, supporting them to make lifestyle changes as they learn to create a life with cancer.

If you think the best way or the only way for you to achieve your goals is to do it by yourself then I would like to help you change that thought.

Do you believe that reaching out to someone, and a professional somehow indicates that you aren't enough? That it somehow means you're incapable and not smart enough, strong enough, or good enough? Or is this thought coming from a place of overwhelm, fear, or uncertainty? Or, perhaps you don't even know that Cancer Coaching is a possibility…

Well, let me assure you, the people who come to cancer coaching are ready to dive into their healing and supporting themselves with and after cancer and work with a professional who will enable them to achieve their goals, to find ease in their thoughts and feelings, and to not have to do all the work on their own.

A cancer coach will facilitate your self-discovery to help you manage your cancer diagnosis, identify your needs, and facilitate lifestyle choices to support your health and healing.

People who come to cancer coaching are people who want to dig into healing their cancer and feel like they are making a difference in their health. Coaching is powerful in that people come to realize that they were settling for something outside of themselves to make a difference in their life with cancer. They were settling for good when they could have been experiencing great. These clients experience an increased quality in their lives in all areas, from increased nutritional support to enhanced relationships with themselves and others, and from better physical health to increased emotional health. They feel, many for the very first time since their diagnosis, that they are fully and actively a part of their healing process.

A common mistake is to think, “I can do this alone.” Why do this alone when you don't have to?

A cancer coach will lead you through a process where you can get clear about what you do and do not want in your life. You can uncover what is important to you and what you need to thrive in life with a cancer diagnosis. You can stop settling for a life that you are waiting to live and enjoy until treatments are done and you are told to move forward with your life. You can learn how to create the life you want to be living right now.

Instead of leaving your health and happiness just to the medical system, why not invest in yourself in a way that will give you support for your body, mind, and spirit? Why not be the co-creator of your happiness and the changes that can support you as you live with cancer?

Working with a coach on an ongoing basis is an investment you can make in yourself and your quality of life.

Another significant mistake is waiting for a "good" time to make a change or go after the things you really want in life.

When you are living with cancer you want to start making life changes now. Waiting to make changes is waiting to nurture and care for yourself right now when you need it most.

The biggest mistake is telling yourself you can't afford a cancer coach. The truth is that you can't afford not to have one. Coaches are highly in demand these days because coaching has proven itself to be an extremely effective method for facilitating personal growth.

If you are still unsure, consider this, it's not enough for you to say you want things to be different. Just wanting something doesn't make it so. You must make a decision and then take purposeful action toward what you want.

When you invest in yourself and invest in a coaching program you take the first steps to learning how to thrive in life with cancer. What are you waiting for?


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