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Majority of Breast Cancer Survivors Can Successfully Achieve Pregnancy - New Study Reveals

Pregnancy after breast cancer diagnosis

A new study has found that most young women who attempt pregnancy after a breast cancer diagnosis can successfully conceive and give birth. This research, conducted by Sorouri et al, will be presented at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting.

The study analyzed data from the Young Women's Breast Cancer Study, which included women diagnosed with stage 0 to III breast cancer at age 40 or younger from 2006 to 2016. Researchers excluded women who had prior hysterectomies, bilateral oophorectomies, or metastatic disease at diagnosis.

65% of Participants Reported At Least One Child

  • Participants: 1,213 women, with 197 attempting pregnancy post-diagnosis.

  • Demographics: Median age at diagnosis was 32; 74% were non-Hispanic White.

  • Cancer Stages: 41% had stage I, 35% stage II, 10% stage III, and 14% stage 0.

  • Treatment: 76% had hormone receptor-positive disease; 68% received chemotherapy.

  • Pregnancy Attempts: 73% of those who tried to conceive were successful, and 65% reported at least one live birth.

  • Timing: Median time from diagnosis to first pregnancy was 48 months.

What Factors Can Influence Pregancy After Breast Cancer?

  • Age: Older age at diagnosis reduced the likelihood of pregnancy and live birth.

  • Financial Comfort: Greater financial comfort increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

  • Fertility Preservation: Undergoing fertility preservation at diagnosis increased the likelihood of live birth.

Why is Discussing Fertility Preservation Important?

This long-term study highlights the critical importance of making fertility preservation services accessible to young breast cancer survivors. Given the significant number of women who can successfully conceive and give birth post-diagnosis, it's evident that fertility preservation can play a crucial role in their family planning. Ensuring that these services are readily available and integrated into cancer care can provide hope and practical options for survivors looking to maintain their fertility and achieve pregnancy after treatment.


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