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Partnering with your Doctor for Cancer Prevention - by Dr. Maria Cayelli, MD

Dr. Maria Cayelli, MD specializing in integrative medecine for cancer survivors

Cancer prevention is optimal

Prevention of cancer is optimal but unfortunately, most of us know someone with cancer or are cancer survivors ourselves. Despite the prevalence of cancer, there are steps you can take to prevent it or decrease your risk for reoccurrence.

Talk to your doctor

Talk with your doctor about your concerns and take the time to do any cancer screening tests available. You are the expert of yourself so monitor for any unusual symptoms you may be having or lingering aches and pains that are out of the ordinary.

There are many ways to achieve optimal health and it helps to have the medical expertise of your doctor in navigating the best path. Partnering with your doctor by discussing your health concerns and goals is the first key step. Communication is important so ask questions, listen carefully, and discuss with your doctor your options. It’s best to have all the information about your choices and then make a decision on how to go forth that aligns with your values, beliefs, and lifestyle.

Lifestyle as cancer prevention

What you can do to prevent cancer or lower your reoccurrence risk:

Check our weekly blogs about key aspects of a healthy lifestyle focused on cancer prevention. We'll be posting about nutrition, movement, environment, and stress management.


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