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Survivorship care plans: what you need to know

A survivorship plan has helped this cancer survivor improve her quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

After completing cancer treatment, it's important for survivors to have a plan in place for ongoing care and support. That's where survivorship care plans come in. A survivorship care plan is a document that outlines the individualized care and support a cancer survivor needs after treatment. It includes information on the survivor's cancer history, treatment received, and recommendations for ongoing care.

The plan is typically developed by the survivor's healthcare team, which may include oncologists, primary care providers, and other specialists. It's designed to help survivors manage the physical, emotional, and practical issues that may arise after treatment.

Some of the key components of a survivorship care plan include:

  1. Medical history: This section includes information on the type of cancer, treatment received, and any side effects or complications that may have occurred.

  2. Follow-up care: The plan outlines a schedule for follow-up appointments with healthcare providers, as well as any recommended testing or imaging.

  3. Surveillance for recurrence: The plan may include recommendations for monitoring for cancer recurrence, such as regular blood tests or scans.

  4. Emotional support: Survivorship care plans often include information on counseling or support groups that can help survivors manage the emotional impact of their cancer experience.

  5. Lifestyle recommendations: The plan may provide guidance on diet and exercise, as well as recommendations for managing side effects of treatment.

Survivorship care plans are important for several reasons. First, they help survivors and their healthcare providers stay on top of ongoing care needs and potential complications. Second, they can help survivors manage the emotional and practical challenges that often accompany life after cancer. And finally, they can serve as a resource for survivors and their loved ones as they navigate the post-treatment period.

If you're a cancer survivor, talk to us about developing a survivorship care plan that's tailored to your individual needs. With the right care and support, survivors can live healthy, fulfilling lives after cancer.


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