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The Pharmacist in the kitchen - by Cheryl Hoover

Cheryl Hoover is a nutrition coach at The After Cancer

Cheryl Hoover is a nutrition coach at The After Cancer.

Hello everyone, I am Cheryl Hoover and I am the pharmacist who wants to keep you out of the pharmacy and help you find your vitamins, minerals and fiber in your kitchen with real foods, herbs and spices.

My own cancer journey led me to research what to eat

I am passionate about this because of my own cancer journey which led me to research how we should best nourish our bodies for healing and strength. It became clear that we should all be eating more plants, but where would we get our protein? To answer this and so many other questions that I had, I decided to get certified in plant based nutrition. Once I became educated on the healing power of plants, I started cooking for other cancer patients so that they would be well nourished during and after treatment. I did this for years, but then decided to focus my attention on actually teaching patients and their caregivers the importance of nutrient dense cancer fighting foods and so, Pharmacy In Your Kitchen was born.

Embracing the healing power of foods

The kitchen is a place that is so underrated as a space for healing, but I learned in pharmacy school that the first medicines were actually plants and many of todays manufactured medications are created to mimic what foods, herbs and spices do to help us heal and be healthy. Here in this space I encourage people to embrace the healing power of their very own kitchen.

I believe and teach that even small changes in your current eating regimen can have a tremendous influence on your health. Wherever you are starting from, I can help you move further down the path of nourishing your body instead of just feeding it. I like to say that eating is an “opportunity” to nourish you body, an opportunity that we have forgotten we have. If you are reading this blog you or a loved one has had a cancer diagnosis, I am very sorry for that. However, you now have ”found your reason” to make some changes for you and your loved ones best overall health, and finding your reason is a huge motivating factor in making successful changes.

Do you need to be a skilled chef or even like to cook to be able to benefit from some changes in your eating regimen? Absolutely not. I can work with you wherever you are regarding skill or interest in the kitchen. However, if you do have an interest in cooking with more plants, I have an Instagram specifically for that called and I’d love to have you follow along and get inspired to embrace the healing power of your kitchen.

Encouraging you to eat your vitamins

In a very ironic way I feel like I have been preparing to help people like you all of my life. Initially, I wanted to go to culinary school but my father wanted me to instead get a business degree, so I studied restaurant management for a few years. That wasn’t a good fit for me, so I decided to instead lean into my math and science skills and go to pharmacy school. I worked in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical sales over the years as a pharmacist and then, after my own cancer diagnosis turned my focus to nutrition for cancer prevention and healing. Now, I am Pharmacy in Your Kitchen, the pharmacist that encourages you to actually eat your vitamins.

In addition to being Pharmacy In Your Kitchen, some other interesting things about me are; I am a happily married empty nester, mother of two amazing young women, cancer survivor, electric bass player and singer, and coauthor of Healthy Living for a Sharper Mind.

I’d love to help you find the healing power in your kitchen with a private session if you are interested in uncovering this wonderful opportunity we very often overlook.


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