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Taffie Lynn Butters is a board-certified health and wellness coach at The After Cancer


Taffie Lynn Butters

Health Coach


All states


From $125.00


Lifestyle Medicine

Breast Cancer

Health & Wellness

My mission

My mission is to help you create a cancer recovery plan with lifestyle interventions, and implement those changes. Lifestyle Interventions are a powerful way for you to restore your health, improve your quality of life and reduce your recurrence risk. These evidence-based lifestyle interventions include strategies for: anti-cancer eating, stress management, purposeful exercise, quality sleep, and detoxing your body and environment.

My experience


I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with a background in working with those diagnosed with breast cancer and open to working with other cancer diagnosis. I am a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about your health and well-being.


Services & Fees

Free Intro Session, 20 min - $0.00

Health Coaching Session, 50 min - $125.00

Pack of 6 Sessions, 6 x 50 min - $735.00
Pack of 12
Sessions, 12 x 50 min - $1450.00

Blog posts

Your Reviews

Taffie was very knowledgable and helfpul.

Hayley, NC

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